How to choose colour and apply them effectively

Customer Touch Points

Learn how to How to choose colour and apply them effectively to influence others using vsual communication

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Customer Touch Points – Media isn’t just digital

Exploring your customer touch points. Empathy mapping and how you can take advantage of the.

In a world where humans are craving personal connection more than ever before, print media offers your audience the powerful sensory connection of touch. I love the feeling of reading a physical book: the way the paper feels, how it tickles my fingers when I turn the pages. I can almost crawl inside it.

This workshop will explore the power of print in branding, how it can add additional sensory experiences for your ideal customers and help you create a point of difference within the digital crowd.

Perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs struggling with what fonts to use and achieving Brand consistance
  • Purpose-driven entrepreneurs looking to connect and influence using the science of visual communication and behaviuoral science. 
  • Those wanting simple design rules that will help them look their best at all customer touch points

After this 3 hour, online workshop, you’ll understand:

Colour, personality and history

How to make the right choices and send the “come hither” messages to your audience

How colour choice affects brand perception

How to choose your brand colours to attract and delight your ideal clients

How to layout your messaging for optimal readability and buyer action


  • Group coaching sessions, working bees, training and support documents included. 

  • One individual ‘hot seat’ 45 min session per person.

  • Maximum of 12 people per group. Join the waitlist. 

Price: To be confirmed


  • 2 Hour Live Workshop
  • Workbook & Documentation to set you up for success
  • Follow Up Live Review Session –  Q&A -1hr
  • Access to all recorded Session
  • Price: 775 USD
client testimonials

Stop it! I’m blushing!!

Just do this workshop – your business can’t afford for you not to.

Lisa knows her stuff – from which fonts give the most impact, to the psychology behind typography and presentation in print and digital – and she puts it all across in such an accessible and fascinating way. Get drawn into the hidden world of brand sense, helvetica and smell – I even learned how to look more intelligent by altering the font I write in.

Gary Cooper

Word Surgeon and Consultant, Word Surgery, Occitanie, France

Amazing to learn from her

Lisa’s knowledge has no end and she shares it all willingly in an easy to digest manner.

It’s amazing to learn from her and see her connect all the little pieces to make a grand branding puzzle that you’d be proud of. She’s meticulous and brings her creativity to the way she teaches.

Anuradha Sawhney

Designer & Owner, Bidiliia - Elegant. Ethical. Jewellery.


We don’t value things; we value their meaning. What they ARE is determined by the Laws of Physics, but what they MEAN is determined by the laws of psychology.

Rory Sutherland
F & Q


How do virtual classes work?

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What equipment will I need?

Relex, I don’t want you focusing on new tech!! All workbooks will be provided as Adobe Acrobat editable pdfs and as Powerpoint/Keynote Slides for easy editing.
Lisa works with Adobe products and recommends downloading free Adobe Express Here


Will classes be recorded and accessible later?

Yes, all classes will be recorded and accessible. 

What are the cancelation policys?

No problems. Need to cancel? Note :100% refund for cancellations 30 days from our workshop.

50% refund for cancellations 14 days from workshop

10% Admin Fee to move session within 14 days of Live Event


Lisa Galea creative consultat-profile

Your teacher is the marvellous Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK.

Rory is one of advertising’s most well-known figures and the founder of Ogilvy’s behavioural science practice, Ogilvy Consulting.

His three TED talksLife Lessons from an Adman, Sweat the Small Stuff and Perspective is Everything have been viewed more than a million times.

He’s also the author of the bestselling book Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense.