Level Up with an intensive 1:1 Coaching

One to One Coaching

Are you ready to “Do Life Different?”


1:1 coaching

Tech entrepreneurs and female founders who want to design a life, they love through their financially rewarding business.

From the crossroads of Behavioural Science, Design and Conceptual Thinking, I lead tech companies and creative entrepreneurs looking to make the leap and evolve intentionally.

We’ll explore diverse pathways for innovative opportunities and create strong, purpose-driven, profitable businesses. Choose to Do Life Different and you’ll succeed in both business and lifestyle.

Perfect for:

  • Entrepreneurs struggling with how to launch a new product
  • purpose-driven entrepreneurs looking to gain clarity on pricing structure, branding or service offers
  • creative entrepreneurs ready to take your business to the next stage of growth entrepreneurs seeking to align and balance their life and business
Lisa Galea creative consultat-profile


  • 1.5 hour total
  • Call recorded
  • Summary with action steps

    Price: 775 USD

I’m a busy lady and your booking secures a place in my calendar. Need to reschedule? No problems. Need to cancel? Note :100% refund for cancellations 30 days from our meeting.

50% refund for cancellations 14 days from our meeting and no refunds for cancellations within 14 days of our meeting (because I saved my time for you). Please get in touch if you need to change your appointment.

Love letters from my clients

I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling

Lisa really helped me get clear on what I needed to do in my business. I was struggling with my brand positioning, my pricing and getting people to take action on my landing page. Lisa provided strategic as well as hands-on advice plus gave me confidence with my branding, my pricing and working with my website.

I’ve paid other coaches but none of them told things Lisa did – my key takeaway was to speak to my audience and tell them what to do. Sounds simple but I never thought of it and no other “expert’ thought to mention it either.

Thank you so much, Lisa. I’m so much more confident in my brand, pricing and selling now.

Samantha Laidlaw

Owner, Femflix

Perception is everything; Value and effort often win over price


We don’t value things; we value their meaning. What they ARE is determined by the Laws of Physics, but what they MEAN is determined by the laws of psychology.

Rory Sutherland