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Hi, I’m Lisa,

Working at the intersections of behavioural science, design, and conceptual thinking, I guide tech companies and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to transition and intentionally evolve. 

Through diverse thinking and intentional action, we will explore multiple perspectives and pathways for innovative opportunities, all the while having fun!

I aim to uncover my clients’ superpowers and amplify their results to create strong teams and purpose-driven, profitable businesses.

If you struggle to get traction in the business world, I’m in your corner. Shift your thinking and together we’ll solve big picture problems.

It’s time for you to gain clarity so you can start making positive impacts on your business and life.

Curiosity is essential!

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Struggling to Connect with Your Audience? It’s Time for a Change.

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Creativity, innovation and leadership has never been more important and it’s never been more overwhelming.

Our basic instinct to create and adapt is being stifled by our limiting beliefs about success, self-promotion and imposter syndrome.

You can overcome it