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Tailored for women with a little more experience in life, our minimum age is 35. Take time to explore your future self, put plans in motion and accelerate outcomes with a brand that is unmistakably you.

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I offer workshops and retreats throughout the year focusing on design thinking, branding, leadership and mindset.

If you prefer a private, customised experience for you or your team, I can create a workshop or retreat suitable to your needs.

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Lisa knows her stuff

Branding – the business version of clothes, jumping ability and loudness – is vital if you want to stand out.

Lisa knows her stuff – from which fonts give the most impact, to the psychology behind typography and presentation in print and digital – and she puts it all across in such an accessible and fascinating way.

Gary Cooper

Word Surgeon and Consultant, Word Surgery, Occitanie, France

Amazing to learn from her

Lisa’s knowledge has no end and she shares it all willingly in an easy to digest manner.

It’s amazing to learn from her and see her connect all the little pieces to make a grand branding puzzle that you’d be proud of. She’s meticulous and brings her creativity to the way she teaches.

Anuradha Sawhney

Designer & Owner, Bidiliia - Elegant. Ethical. Jewellery.

Amazing to learn from her

Lisa is a burst of creative inspiration and big-picture thinking, yet her strategies are unique, actionable and results-driven.

Lisa provides perspective and wise insight into what it takes to create a successful business and live abundantly. She has given me practical ways to expand my mindset and propel my projects to new heights.

Daniela Rose

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Sydney