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I’m Lisa Galea and I’m here to be your

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I’m Lisa Galea, a curious entrepreneur…

I work with humans just like you & I’m ready to be your biggest fan! I’m ready to help you find your place in the business world, build confidence, position your product, activate change, and design the life you want through a business you love.

You deserve this.

Curiosity is essential.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a voice of experience in your corner?

Somebody who understands big picture thinking and helps you start taking action? Somebody to give you clear direction as you navigate the path of change or innovation?

It’s me! I want you to succeed and thrive. 

I believe you can create positive change through creative thinking, a mindset, and an open heart. I believe in alchemy and as a curious creative love discovering ways to make

1 + 1 = 3 

I own three successful businesses, have a beautiful family and been on many different life adventures. I started my educational journey studying science and that has carried with me thoughtout my design career.

I’ve always been fascinated with the human mind and continually exploring  behavioural science, consumer psychology and the brain to understand what makes humans thrive in life and business.

With over 30 years in all things design and marketing, I’ve been lucky enough to see the inside workings of countless businesses large and small. I’ve worked with big name brands such as Sotheby’s, Toyota and Penfold Wines.

I also help start-ups and newcomers get traction in their markets. I’ve seen what works and what fails on big budgets and small ones.

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Life Long Learner

Brene Brown Leadership Training

Ogilvy Consulting Behavioral Economics

Cannes Lions Behavioral Science for Brands

Master of Behavioural Science in Advertising

“Having talented professionals such a Lisa Galea on hand to support and develop the vision and branding of the organisation has been integral to our success…”

Nicole Edwards

CEO, Founder, RizeUp

“Lisa’s contribution from small step implementation to execution and growth, will make the venture a success.

Daniela Rose

Entrepreneur, Business owner

“Amazing to learn from her

Lisa’s knowledge has no end and she shares it all willingly in an easy to digest manner.”

Anuradha Sawhney

Designer, Owner

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