We don’t just push boundaries—we obliterate them. Fusing AI intelligence with human creativity to spark sustainable innovation. Are you ready to amplify your results and activate change?

Step into the realm of possibility with me.

I help people get what they want, take the leap and transition through change.

My mission? To spark curiosity, champion the inclusive conversations we need to navigate the challenges of our evolving world.

Divi Law

Creative Solutions for Curious Organisations

Whether through one-on-one coaching, transformative group training, or insightful consulting, our approach isn’t just about innovation; it’s about crafting the path that leads you there. Discover how we turn the ‘messy middle’ of creativity into your strategic advantage.

From Solo to Success

Seeking a consultant to propel your personal and business growth.

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Build Teams That Thrive

Looking for group training that will empower and unite your team.

Let’s play together

Keynote Speaking 

Searching for a speaker who will inspire and challenge the status quo?

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Come Play with me

Craving a retreat to rejuvenate your creativity and boost your business results

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Strategic Problem Solving
Transforming complex challenges into actionable strategies.
Innovation Workshops

Tailored sessions that empower businesses to craft impactful brand strategies.

Scientific Application

Leveraging behavioural science and psychology to drive business growth and customer engagement.

Commercial Understanding

A blend of design, customer experience, and strategic thinking to offer holistic solutions.
Celebrate Diversity

Foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity in your organization.

A unique blend of profit-driven strategies, creative solutions, and a purposeful approach that ensures sustainable growth and success.

Game changing brands I’ve had the privilege to work with.

Curiosity, Creativity, and CARE

Make Moments Matter

Turning creative chaos into your strategic advantage.

In a world where innovation is paramount, blending AI intelligence with the depth of human creativity isn’t just our method; it’s our mission. We believe that when human creativity and machine learning meet; amazing solutions can be discovered.

And we’re here to uncover those solutions within your existing framework, and prove that strategic innovation isn’t always about increasing costs; it’s about intelligently leveraging your current assets for maximum impact.

Let’s redefine what’s possible together.

Learn to Play, Play to Learn

Hi, I’m Lisa, I help curious, creative and innovative leaders and entrepreneurs push past their limits and intentionally evolve. Borrow my brain, packed with over 20 years experience in behavioural science, design, and conceptual thinking to carve out a unique approach to your success.

Kind words


World-class creative solutions

I have worked with graphic designers within some of the world’s greatest advertising agencies and would rate Lisa in the top tier. Her creative solutions and design flare are world class.
If you looking for cutting edge creative solutions then you will find that within Lisa & her team.

David Meo

Creative Director, Meo Consulting

Lisa is the absolute go to.

As you can imagine being a marketing agency, we’ve worked with a lot of graphic designers and “branding experts”, only to be let down and left flat by the results.
We’ve worked with Lisa for a long time now and she is head and shoulders the best branding expert I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

Marcus Jovanovich

Owner, My Marketing Coach

Replace this with Places We Go podcast

Speaking all things branding with the charming DP Knudten: the creative, collaborative and provocative personal brand expert and author of NonFiction Brand

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