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Hi, I’m Lisa,

I help curious, creative and innovative leaders and entrepreneurs push past their limits and intentionally evolve. Borrow my brain, packed with over 20 years experience in behavioural science, design, and conceptual thinking to carve out a unique approach to your success.

Curiosity Essential

Here, we don’t just push boundaries—we obliterate them, turning creative chaos into your strategic advantage.

Join me, and let’s co-create realities where curiosity leads and breakthroughs follow. 

Step into the realm of possibility with me.

Let’s redefine what’s possible together.

Kind words

Confident, engaging and affable speaker

Lisa Galea is not only our design expert in the Digital Masterchefs but my go to human on branding, fonts colour and general design psychology.

She has run several excellent workshops for my memberships and is a confident, engaging and affable speaker.

She also offers one on one brand strategy support to several of my peers and members.

Kate Toon, SEO Expert, Stay Tooned

Kate Toon, 

CEO, Digital Masterchefs

Curiosity. Creativity. Collaboration. Communication

We believe society is shaped by its leaders.

We believe a more collaborative, adaptable approach to leadership is essential in our evolving world. Our mission is to ignite curiosity, creativity, and connection – empowering leaders to find comfort in the chaos and disrupt the norm.

By fostering open communication, curiosity, and a playful spirit, we can unlock innovative solutions and a collective ‘joie de vivre’. With care, collaboration, and an understanding of our innate strengths, we can not only survive change but thrive as ‘exceptional’ earthlings within our ever-changing environment.




Creative Solutions for Curious Organisations

As a visionary, you should be continously levelling up. It’s not just about the tangible goals; it’s also about opening up to new ways of thinking. Evolving as a leader takes courage, curiosity and creativity. Something I have in spades.


Lead with confidence – bespoke business mentoring for the ambitious and open minded visionary who’s ready to create change and scale big.


Join the intensive leadership programme designed for committed leaders to reap the benefits of small peer group sessions.


Luxury retreats for intensive creativity or laid back recharging. Individual, or indulge your team to our hidden paradise in Byron Bay.


Need a Fun & Engaging Speaker?

Lisa’s keynotes leave a lasting impression.

My background in behavioral science, leadership training, and a deep understanding of neurodiverse minds means I can bring  unparalleled insights to my speeches.

My keynotes are not just talks. I aim to deliver deeply thoughful experiences that inspire action, growth, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Kind Words 

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Professional, great creative vision, collaborative, capable.

James Emery

Owner, Emery Industries

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For me, she was navigator so I could see the big picture.

Bo Green

Entrepreneur, @_bo_green

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She helped me see what was holding me back.

Jae Staten

Designer , Happie Marketing


Life Long Learner

With an arsenal of educational accomplishments under my belt, not least my MSc in Behavioural Science, I have come to accept that learning is my hyperfocus. I will never stop learning and discovering what’s at the cutting edge of science, behaviour and creativity, and that’s good news for you. I like to share what I learn.

Master Behavioural Science, Advertising

Brene Brown Leadership Training

Ogilvy Behavioural Economics

Cannes Lions Behavioural Science Branding

Business Mentor for female founders

Replace this with Places We Go podcast

Speaking all things branding with the charming DP Knudten: the creative, collaborative and provocative personal brand expert and author of NonFiction Brand

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